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Personal Fitness

Regain your health with individual training personalized to meet your needs and fit your schedule. Find out more about personal fitness from TMark Fitness.

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Group Fitness

Have fun when you work out with a group of people who have the same goals. Learn more about the group fitness options offered by our trainers in Cumming, Georgia.

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Who We Are

TMark Fitness is a physical fitness training business located in Cumming, Ga. that focuses on motivating fitness clients to sustain an ongoing fitness program that best suits them and produces optimum results. Designed by T. Mark Adams, TMark Fitness incorporates many different fitness training aspects based on over 40+ years experience in athletic training, military physical readiness and a host of personal fitness programs. Combining fitness knowledge and experience along with an understanding and appreciation for the challenges of our busy daily lives and the time constraints thereof, TMark Fitness provides tailored fitness programs designed for the individual or group that will meet their specific needs and fitness goals.

Our Philosophy

The #1 cause of people falling short of their fitness goals: quitting. Regardless of the type of fitness program a person is involved in, the desired results and fitness goals will never be achieved if the person abandons their regimen because they lack the motivation to continue. We've all seen it numerous times: person A starts an exercise program and within a week or two or so their training begins to get put-off until they outright quit the program. The person may have chosen the most recommended form of exercise that is proven to be among the best, but what does it matter how great the exercises are if they quit doing them? At the risk of sounding like something Yogi Berra might say: Most any form of exercise is good if you do it and no type of exercise is good if you don't do it! And so if the reason that most people fail to meet their fitness goals is because they don't stay with it and make physical fitness a part of their lives, then it seems to us that the solution to the problem lies NOT in creating more colorful exercise routines with catchy names or peddling the latest fad in equipment, but rather working with our clients to instill and/or reinforce the self-motivation needed to engage a physical fitness routine that becomes a part of them for the long-haul.

If you are motivated you will continue, no matter what -- if you are not motivated you will quit, no matter what. 

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